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The Ultimate “Must See” Guide to Sightseeing in Kansas

You are currently viewing The Ultimate “Must See” Guide to Sightseeing in Kansas
The Kansas Capital building is one of the biggest tourist stops in the state!
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Whether you find yourself just passing through Kansas to another spot or planning a trip to Kansas itself, there is so much to stop and see. We highly recommend setting time aside to see at least one of these places on your drive or doing your stay! We guarantee that Kansas has something for everyone in the family!

 Kansas State Capital

Capital buildings in any city are always gorgeous sights to see, and Kansas is no exception! In Topeka, Kansas, you can see the beautiful structure built to be Kansas’s political house. You can explore the building and grounds on a free guided tour!

Botanica at the Wichita Gardens

There is no sight quite like a lush, flowery botanical garden. At The Wichita Gardens, guests can walk among the Chinese Garden of Friendship, the Shakespeare Garden, the Woodland Bird Garden, and the Downing Children’s Garden. This Wichita staple is open year-round and children three and under get in for free!

Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center

While Houston is the iconic location known for space exploration, Kansas played a huge role as well. In Hutchinson, the Kansas Space Center is an interactive museum that provides fun for all ages while educating the masses as well! You can see everything from space suits and objects from the moon to a restored part of the Mercury 7 space mission, the Liberty Bell!

Sedgwick County Zoo

Who does not love zoos? Found in Wichita is one the best zoos around! Home to 3,000 animals, the Sedgwick County Zoo has exhibitions dedicated to 400 different species. Crowd favorites here are the lions, tigers, and bears! Oh My! People of all ages can even enjoy a petting zoo here.

Dwight D Eisenhower Library and Museum

Ever wondered where President Ike grew up? Well, that was in Abilene, Kansas! At his library, you can learn all about his life before, during, and after his presidency! You will be able to see his childhood home and visit his final resting place.

Boot Hill Museum

If you have found yourself fascinated by Old West history and dreamt of feeling like a cowboy, this is the place for you! This museum stands on what was once Boot Hill Cemetery, the final resting place for many notorious cowboys. This establishment is interactive and not structured like your classic museum. Everything is built like an Old West city, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the cowboy experience while learning all about history.

Kansas is full of incredible places to see. At least once in your life, you have to come through and explore all the wonders that The Sunflower State beholds!

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