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Trucking Sector Received Two-Month Gains In Employment

You are currently viewing Trucking Sector Received Two-Month Gains In Employment
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Trucking is experiencing a major uptick in their employment. Over 4,600 jobs have been added for truck transportation since September. This comes hot off the last update of 10,000 jobs being added in August. Totaling out to 14,600 jobs for trucking.

But some people consider it a step backwards, actually. Think about it like this. If you were to receive two apples for three bucks one week, and five apples for six bucks the following week, why would you ever settle for one apple for ten bucks, the third week? It seems counterintuitive.

It also worth noting that many truckers have concerns about their long-term prospects. Whether they aren’t sure about career advancement or are concerned about autonomous trucking, many aren’t sure about their future in the transportation industry.

The fact is, it’s never been more dangerous to drive as a trucker as it has been now. A director of research at Convoy, Aaron Terrazas, says additional factors to tightened driver markets would be “real dangers to being on the road right now.”

What Real Dangers Could There Be For Trucking Employment?

Well, besides the virus, a major concern could very well be the danger of weather. With winter fast approaching, roads are not quite there to be driven across with ease. You ever seen Ice Road Truckers? Well those guys could probably deal with such dangers.

But pile on the concerning Corona Virus, the tragic police brutality and a possible second wave that deplete all the toilet paper truckers need, and you’re talking a warzone.

The brass tacks is this. Hourly earnings have been rising steadily between July and August from $26.32 to $26.45 per hour. Unemployment in general as far as the bigger transportation sector goes has diminished a big amount. It was 15.7% and now stands in 11.3%. I’m not great with math but this just goes to show that a little deviation can go a long way.

So is it great that there’s only so many openings now than when in August we had 10,000? I think so. But I’m no trucker. Just a fan of Ice Road Truckers.

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