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Wichita Custom Car Show Raises Money for Charity

You are currently viewing Wichita Custom Car Show Raises Money for Charity
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Wichita Custom Car Show “Cars for Charities” has tentatively announced its 2021 dates. Slated to run the weekend of January 15-17, the organization is certainly worth checking out if you’re a car enthusiast. Even if you’re not a car enthusiast and just find yourself in a giving spirit, check out their incredible work. You might find a fun new annual tradition!

The Cars for Charities Rod and Custom Car Show has been around since 1957. It is the longest-running indoor car show. as of 2011, it is also an annual charity event. Twelve local car lovers assemble each year and create an automobile bonanza. The event includes vendor exhibits, live entertainment, a competition, and all-around family fun.

What Will I Find at the Wichita Custom Car Show?

While organizers iron out the 2021 schedule, you can still get a good idea of what you might expect to find. Their 2020 lineup is available on the event website and lists tons of fun and educational items.


The Wichita Custom Car Show is a great place to take the whole family for a fun weekend. Last year, admission was free for children 11 and under, and affordable for teens and adults. The show hosts 6-11 hours of live events each day. Kids can color, enjoy face painting, make jewelry, and request balloon animals. Plus popular cartoon characters often make an appearance! Get your picture taken with fun car crafts, play games, and more.


You don’t have to restrict yourself to just looking; you can learn, too! The Magnificent 7 competition allows attendees to view beautiful car models. And with so many car enthusiasts gathered in one place, you’re bound to learn something new. Check out vintage classics from all over. There are new cars each year!

Enter to Win!

Car collectors looking to show off their new wheels can enter to win a cash prize. The Magnificent 7 competition stipulates that this must be the first time you are showing your car in Sedgwick county. Entries will be featured in highly visible locations in the convention center. Pre-accepted entries can receive a gas stipend for traveling between 200-1,000 miles. Entries also qualify you for discount hotel packages. Car owners in the competition are invited to attend an exclusive party. They also receive complimentary breakfast.

As the show continues to flourish, keep track on their official website. And any enthusiasts looking to enter their cars should pay close attention as past deadlines have usually ended in December. Events are subject to change based on Covid-19 rules.

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