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Wichita Restaurants Close 3 Weeks After Reopening

You are currently viewing Wichita Restaurants Close 3 Weeks After Reopening
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Wichita, KS – At least three restaurants are closing their doors due to confirmed COVID-19 cases. The state is currently seeing a spike in cases.

Wichita’s Pizza Ranch is the next victim of COVID-19. The pizza shop was able to open due to the correct safety precautions. For the three weeks that they have been in operation, the shop saw an increase in traffic and business.

Unfortunately, running an eatery during a global pandemic can have its problems. After hearing that one of their staff members might have contracted the virus, the shop decided to close down temporarily.

Donnie Bean, the restaurants GM released a statement:

“We don’t think that any of our team has been infected. We decided to do this just out of precaution and for the safety of everyone.”

Restaurants Are Shifting Business Practices

The business is looking to continue to remain closed until the testing of their workers reveals the appropriate information.

The Pizza Ranch, as well as many other restaurants in Wichita are following a long string of potential confirmed cases.

Throughout the city, businesses and restaurants are closing their doors for an indefinite amount of time. This is to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and continue business when things settle down.

Until then, no business wants to be responsible for widespread infections. The food industry is currently taking a massive toll due to the global pandemic. With operations left to either take-out or pickup, seating and dining in is quickly going by the weigh side.

For many other businesses, this means they are can cater to larger quantities of patrons.

With these businesses removing dine-in, other areas are benefiting from the take-out option. The industry is currently making a shift in how business operations. While light at the end of the tunnel is still far away, many businesses are doing what they can to remain in business.

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