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WSU and KU Med Organize A Medical Education Center

You are currently viewing WSU and KU Med Organize A Medical Education Center
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There’s a new downtown medical school known in town that is now recruiting students. It happens to be a joint union of WSU and the University of Kansas Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy. It’s all to promote more accessible education in the city. The WSU/KU Healthcare Sciences Educational Center is still in its infancy of planning. And chances are, it would likely be well cared for by a $50,000 grant from Kansas Health Foundation.

WSU President Rick Muma says that “Not only is this new center important to improving the health outcomes for Kansans, any city that’s growing or wants to grow, has this type of facility at its core.” As for the spokesperson, Lainie Mazzullo-Hart, there’s currently no information to her knowledge about how much the center would cost.

WSU and KU Med Are Making Quite The Crossover

Of course, with that logic in mind, it could still be months before any real timeline is better for the cost of construction. In that instance, the schools are still in their infancy.

The importance of the company is that it can inspire a whole new generation of medical professionals into pursuing the seriousness of healing the human body. Of course, there is plenty of excitement for health care education. Of course, it’s likely to have a positive push for all of the Wichita community.

Certainly, it’s not yet evident if Wichita can support either medical education center. A licensed physician assistant believes that the health care sector contains enormous growth potential. This is all with consideration to the needs of employers in Kansas as they “improve the economic vitality of our region, we must offer new opportunities that attract and retain talent to Wichita.” That was a statement made by the assistant. You’ll be happy to know that the Kansas Health Foundation also confirmed the grant.

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